Slow-Pitch Softball

slow-pitch-hittingA lot of the time, it is difficult to get a whole softball team out, to take batting practice. Pop Toss’ Green Tee allows softball players to practice by themselves, with a friend or the whole softball team; without a pitcher, regular pitching machine or electricity.

Use it in “Short Toss” mode and set it up a few feet away off to the side or in front of the hitter.  “Long Toss” mode allows you to place it 10 feet out in front and launch the ball on a 10 foot arc or place it up to 25 feet in front of the hitter on less of an arc to simulate pitches from the mound.

Pop Toss pitching machines are inexpensive, extremely portable and consistently deliver great pitches to hit. The Pop Toss gives everyone who participates in the practice, an opportunity to practice hitting quality pitches, and makes it easy for the defense to work; while players are batting. Furthermore, the Pop Toss Slow Pitch softball pitching machine is also great if softball players have a batting net in their backyard, garage or basement. Imagine hitting softballs all year round for practice, exercise or for fun. IF YOU HAVE A PROMO CODE for  INTERNATIONAL SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL, PLEASE CALL US AT OUR PHONE# (224-858-4159) TO ORDER WITH YOUR PROMO CODE

The Pop Toss softball pitching machine truly simulates a pitch from the mound, and Slow-Pitch players are letting us know how much they like it!  Watch the video on the left from one of our customers.

Watch the video on the left to see all 3 modes the Green Tee can be used in.

The Green Tee has been specifically designed for adult Slow-Pitch softball players, ages 18 and up. This has the strongest spring of all the Pop Toss machines, so it is recommended for adult use only.

GreenTeeRemember to always watch where the pitcher’s mound would be until the ball is popped, then locate it in the strike zone and swing, this helps your hand-eye coordination.

The height, timing and arc of the pitched ball, are easily adjustable using the Height Adjustment Collar, timer and the Angler Feet.

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