All Items on Backorder

To all our loyal customers since 1995:

We have had an unprecedented increase in volume of sales this season. We don’t want to jeopardize our good name by having unusually long delays in delivery times. Right now we are working through our backorders for early April, but they are very large. PopToss is very popular.

We will not take any additional orders until April 23rd. Please check back with us at that time.

We promise to return to our customary 2 or 3 days delivery times. The right thing for us to do is to catch up on our backload of orders so we can continue to honor you with our best efforts. This will cost us money; however, our customers have always come before money. Everyone knows we have a true lifetime warranty. You pay one time at purchase and never pay another dime for life. Just maybe that’s the reason for all these orders. We are now hiring more staff.

– Pat (PopToss Inc)

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