While talking with thousands of coaches at clinics, tournaments and through emails, we’ve noticed that the same questions get asked all the time about our Pop Toss Batting Tees. We’re compiling a database to help customers get the answers they need about our machines. If you don’t see the answer to your question, you can contact us here.

It uses a pneumatic timer that you load with the Bat knob to disengage the piston. The piston is then forced up by a heat treated spring to meet the ball and launch it to a specific area in the strike-zone.
The diameter of the chamber opening is 2 1/8″ so almost any bat knob will fit with very few exceptions. We recommend not using the spongy/rubber covers that go over the bat knob in case they come off during the loading process.
As little or as much time as you need. The timer is adjustable from a few seconds up to 15 or 20 seconds. You want to set the timer to allow enough time to load the machine and get comfortably back into your batting stance, like in a game situation.

No, the Poptoss is completely self-contained so you can use it season after season without replacing anything. All the parts on our Tees come with a Lifetime Warranty as well.


The Black Tee launches League, Practice and whiffle balls anywhere from 2 feet to 6 feet in the air (simulates pitches from 40 mph up to 100 mph using reaction time). The Pop Toss is completely adjustable so you can pinpoint problem areas in the zone. Pop it high to simulate Change-Ups and pop it lower to simulate up to a 95 or 100 mph Fastball (using reaction time). The Green Tee is for Slow-Pitch and can launch a ball 5 to 12 feet in the air to simulate the high arc of those pitches.

The Pop Toss is very versatile and everything is adjustable. There are a few different features that have an effect on the height of the launched ball.

1.) The angle which the ball is being launched will affect the height of the ball. (The feet are adjustable, screw them in or out to change the angle at which the ball flies).

2.) The rubber Anglar bounces the ball a couple feet higher than the plastic Anglar. These Anglars are what make contact with the ball and are interchangeable by screwing them into the “Ball Striker”.

3.) The spring you use will greatly influence the amount of height you get on the launched ball by a few feet. The Black Tee comes with 3 different springs and the Green Tee comes with 2 different springs.

4.) The “Height Adjustment Collar” can be screwed up (less height on launch) or down (more height on launch) this effects the height by a few extra inches.

The Pop Toss comes in the box adjusted to use in the “Long Toss” mode. Just by moving the Pop Toss to different locations in front of the hitter, you can get the ball to cross the plate where you need it and at the height you need it.

Forever really. It’s heat treated and as of yet, we have never had a spring lose its bounce over the years. We had a product developer test the machine and last we checked he had over 50,000 launches using the Pop Toss with no deterioration of the spring, valve, or o-rings.
The Pop Toss uses a lot of force to launch the ball and is made out of durable materials. However, when rubber and plastic are at lower temperatures functionality of the vacuum in the chamber may be compromised. It may work fine, but we suggest using it in temperatures above 50 F to avoid any misfires.
Although it is very safe to use, the Pop Toss does utilize a coiled spring under pressure. After loading the Pop Toss a ball should be immediately placed on top of the machine, that way no fingers go inside the chamber or in front of the opening. Kids as young as 4 or 5 can use our machine with adult supervision. Great care has been taken to make sure the Pop Toss is as safe as possible. However, children should NOT touch, use, or operate the Green or other Slow Pitch Batting tees. They are strictly for ADULT USE ONLY.
You shouldn’t have to oil your Pop Toss at all for the first few years. The only time you would need to oil it is if it has been stored in an extremely dry, extremely humid environment for a period of time or if water/dirt gets into the chamber. The Ball Striker has a couple o-rings on it that enable it to create a vacuum. A few years down the line if you notice the Striker sticking you can put a drop of “Machine Oil” in each of the air holes at the middle of the chamber. This will recreate a brand new seal and ensure many years of use. If a lot of dirt gets inside the chamber you can simply open the machine like you would to change the spring, clean out the debris, and add a drop or two of machine oil to the o-rings.
We have deals with many online retailers as well as local training facilities and shops in different areas around the world that carry our tees. However, we are relatively new to the market and every Pop Toss is put together by hand and tested thoroughly before being sent out. Although we are growing quickly, we are still a smaller company and we wouldn’t want the quality of our machines to be compromised when first put into stores since the demand would be a lot higher with a major retail deal. Also, because of the care that is put into assembling and testing each tee by hand we can still offer a Lifetime Warranty on our batting tees and stand behind them 100{5ad529a5cafe59640d0d017c0e4116d3d75bd7806d4903edfb672eeace95c359}.

Pop the ball higher before it crosses the strike-zone to simulate a Change-Up, forcing the hitter to wait back on the pitch. Pop the ball lower in the strike-zone to simulate fastballs of different speeds. If you have the Pop Toss set up at the maximum distance and arc away from the hitter, the reaction time to hit the ball is approximately .8 of a second or so. That means it is the same reaction time as a Major League 40 MPH pitch. Adjust it to pop about 5 feet and reaction time is reduced, simulating about a 60 MPH pitch. 4 feet = about 70 mph, 3.5 feet = about 80 MPH, 3 feet = about 85 MPH and 2.5 feet gives you the reaction time of a 95 to 100 MPH pitch.

The Pop Toss is fully adjustable to get the angle, arc and trajectory to simulate a curve or slider from a lefty or a righty. Simply put the tee out in front of the hitter, on the left side of the plate (from behind home), angling it across the plate to the back right corner of the zone. The natural arc and the spin on the ball created by the Pop Toss and it’s movement through the strike-zone perfectly mimics a curve from a Righty. Do the opposite to simulate a Lefty. Have it jam the hitter on the hands or pound the outside corners to practice going the other way. You’ll be amazed when you start hitting off of it.