Black Pitching Machine




It is achieved by sitting the softball on the ball holder so that the black spongy ball striker does not strike any threads on the softball. You want the impact on a smooth area of the softball, NOT ON ANY RAISED THREADS. This is important if you want great pitches each and every time.

Why purchase this non- battery, non electric pitching machine for Boys league baseball and Girls Fastpitch softball?

Answer: getting high quality batting practice BY YOURSELF when you don’t have someone to pitch to you has always been a problem. An additional issue is that of safety: pitchers and coaches routinely get hit by a batted ball and injured. If you are playing ball at a picnic or in the back yard, the pitchers are still at risk. Furthermore, when you have a pitcher throwing batting practice, hitters get into bad habits like pulling off the pitched ball to avoid hitting the ball back up the middle because of fear of hitting the pitcher—and forget about hitting to the opposite field.

PopToss Black pitching machine perfectly solves these issues. It pitches a league baseball on-a-line for a distance of between 5 and 20 feet. Girls Fastpitch, oh yes, just place the 12 inch softball on the pitching machine, and you got a maximum of 12-13 feet on-a-line pitching distance. Hit, hit, hit some more every 12 seconds. No adjustments needed to go from the league ball to the 12 inch softball. This PopToss is not for Slow pitch softball.

PopToss Black pitching machine has a mechanical timer which you can set for any interval you want, so you have time to setup properly in your hitting stance and get ready for the next pitch. (suggested is 12 seconds)

Furthermore, those as young as 5 years old who are just coming out of tee ball and are ready for coach pitch often give up on baseball/softball because learning how to hit a moving ball is very difficult. If they get hit, they may become afraid to hit, afraid of the pitched ball. PopToss Black pitching machine allows them to build trust, develop the timing necessary to hit a moving ball and is something they can do ALL BY THEMSELVES or with their friends.

Now, for the high school ballers and college guys …

Why should YOU use this pitching machine??

Answer: as the pitchers get better, they are taught to get YOU OUT with location .. they are going to avoid throwing pitches down the middle-of-the-plate, THEY are going to get YOU OUT by throwing to the outside and inside corners of the plate. Using PopToss, you can get all the practice you need to develop the proper mechanics for hitting inside and outside pitches.

Your PopToss comes with three extra springs which can be swapped in and out of the pitching machine in less than two minutes. The weakest spring allows you to hit softie balls like the Jugs Lite Flite
balls which can be caught with your bare hands and are completely safe for the 5 to 9 year olds who use the PopToss to learn how to hit a pitched ball: just YOU and a bucket of Balls, of your choosing… no need for a pitcher… use it virtually anywhere. The other springs give you the ability to use other types of balls and control the distance of the pitch. Enjoy!