The Poptoss Batting Tee is a revolutionary hitting aid that develops a player’s swing, hand-eye coordination and timing unlike anything else on the market. It’s also completely self-contained so there is nothing to replace, recharge, or plug in.

It uses a pneumatic timer which is adjustable from 4-15 seconds to allow a player to load the machine and get comfortably into their batting stance like in a game and get ready for the launch. Simply push the Ball Striker all the way down with any bat knob, place a ball on top and get ready for the pitch.  It uses a heat-treated spring to drive the “Ball Striker” up and launch the ball anywhere in the strike zone.

Because of its compact design and it’s durable light-weight materials it is extremely portable with nothing to set up or take down. Just put it in a bat bag or a ball bucket and take it out back, down the street, or the middle of a park and hit for hours by yourself or with your team. All of our tees also come with a Lifetime Warranty on all parts.