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  • Our bat is the first weighted bat that can be used during live batting practice.

  • We use metal rods and screw-in weights to turn a regular aluminum bat into a weighted bat.

  • Users can adjust the weight of their bat as a weighted bat by adding as much as 40 ounces to as little as 3 ounces to the weight of a normal bat. 

  • It is the best CONDITIONING tool, period, to increase the power in your swing and increase your bat speed.

  • In some instances, depending upon your league rules, our bat can be used as a game bat 

Why should you purchase THIS BAT?

Swinging this bat AS A WEIGHTED bat will strengthen the specific muscles required to allow you hit the ball HARDER and FARTHER. Your BAT SPEED WILL GREATLY INCREASE. You will strengthen your CORE muscles and your OBLIQUES, making you a much stronger hitter. IT’S THE BEST CONDITIONING TOOL EVER!

The smart users of our new bats will immediately see their true value:  They will use the time between the season’s end (during the Winter months and early Spring) and before the start of the new season TO GET STRONGER, GAIN MORE FLEXIBILITY, AND BUILD A STRONGER CORE thus becoming powerful, powerful hitters with much improved BAT SPEED.

Using our bats during the season will prevent hitters from having the mid-season fatigue that goes with playing lots of games in the heat of the summer.  Said fatigue results in frequent batting slumps which PopToss 2 in 1 bats came prevent resulting in much higher batting averages and more home runs.

The steel rods have are soft and cushy end, so you don’t have to worry about any painful accidents when taking it out or putting it back in.


PopToss offers its customers the option of purchasing our PopToss 2 in 1 Aluminum bats WITHOUT MARKINGS of any kind.  Call us or email us for details.