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It is achieved by sitting the softball on the ball holder so that the black spongy ball striker does not strike any threads on the softball. You want the impact on a smooth area of the softball, NOT ON ANY RAISED THREADS. This is important if you want great pitches each and every time.

A lot of the time, it is difficult to get a whole softball team out, to take batting practice.

Pop Toss’ Green Tee allows softball players to practice by themselves, with a friend or the whole softball team; without a pitcher, regular pitching machine, or electricity. Use it in “Short Toss” mode and set it up a few feet away off to the side or in front of the hitter.  “Long Toss” mode allows you to place it out in front of you like a real pitcher.  It solves the problem as to how to get hitting practice when you don’t have someone to pitch to you. This NEW DESIGN also solves our two biggest customer demands:

(1)  Our more experienced hitters want a long arc which has the feel of a real pitcher from the standard pitching mound distance.  Any shorter distance causes them to rush their swing.  Simply speaking: they want distanceThis NEW DESIGN provides that.  Experienced hitters usually have great hand-eye coordination. This NEW DESIGN provides tossing height and distance is as much as 10 feet high (adjustable lower, if you want) and distance 10 to 25 feet, and can be set up for 4 to 6 feet high SOFT TOSS hitting.

(2) Then there are the, sometimes older players and others who just love hitting a 12 inch softball, who enjoy and love the game.  This NEW DESIGN PopToss Green batting tee  (ball tossing device) has an extra part, just added to it that when easily removed greatly reduces the tossing height and distance: Tossing height and distance is as much as 10 feet high (adjustable lower, if you want) and distance 6 to 12 feet.

Question: Do you want no down time in your PopToss hitting routine?

You should get 5 years of great hitting with your PopToss. The only thing you may need do is (you might need to) swap out the valves, if they go bad. For $10 more, we will send you additional valves. Just select the option for additional valves.

Click here for instructions on switching out the valve.

Our competition costs over $200 and tosses the 12 inch softball 10 feet. PopToss pitches to you a distance of 25 feet!