Scientific Proof that Our Bat Increases Bat Speed

There’s no longer a question of whether or not using a weighted bat increases bat speed. One of our loyal customers forwarded a study to us discussing that very topic. Here’s what science says about the best way to use weighted bats. A study was conducted a while back to determine the effect of weighted bats on bat speed. To …


Don’t Cheat with Chemicals – Get Strong with Our Bat

You will continue to hear stories of professional athletes who use chemicals to add muscle and stamina to their bodies. Why would someone risk destroying a great career by using illegal chemicals? The chemicals players cheat with increase their muscle mass by 150 percent. In the heat of the summer, they don’t go into prolonged hitting slumps because their strength (stamina) …


New Website

This is the new website for Pop Toss, the 21st Century Batting Tee, built by Nextwave Concepts. It was designed to be responsive, mobile-friendly, and search engine-friendly. We hope you find this website informative and easy to use. In addition to web design, Nextwave also provides search engine, ad management, and social network management services.