Don’t Cheat with Chemicals – Get Strong with Our Bat

You will continue to hear stories of professional athletes who use chemicals to add muscle and stamina to their bodies. Why would someone risk destroying a great career by using illegal chemicals? The chemicals players cheat with increase their muscle mass by 150 percent. In the heat of the summer, they don’t go into prolonged hitting slumps because their strength (stamina) is off-the-charts.

Pop Toss 2-in-1 Baseball/Softball bats are a solution for building a stronger body and adding stamina without chemicals, ie. testosterone. While there will always be athletes who cheat, there are those who do things legally and even more effectively within the rules- they don’t cheat.

A good example is Jose Altuve who 5 feet 6 inches tall and 165 lbs. He is the premiere six-season Major League Baseball superstar who has hitting statistics that make him already an instant HALL OF FAMER. After averaging 200 plus hits a year and achieving a career batting average of .316 his first five years in the league, he has employed a jackhammer and tire routine to his off-season workouts.

Altuve had always hit tons of singles, doubles, and triples, but not a lot of home-runs. This year he hit a career-high 28 home runs and batted .346! He credits this increase to his newly implemented routine.

Our Pop Toss 2-in-1 Baseball/Softball bats provide the same benefits as Jose Altuve’s jackhammer and tire routine with the added benefit of hitters being able to swing a bat at live-pitching while building their bodies, maintaining great flexibility, greatly increasing their bat speed, and improving their batting techniques and timing.  It is the greatest hitting tool in the history of the sport.

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