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Since 1995, you, our loyal customers and many vendors have hung in there with us on this incredible journey.

Most of you are baseball/softball lifers. You, like us, love hitting that round ball! Our Vacuum PopToss has been in the marketplace for 25 years. It’s a personal pitching machine, non-battery, non-electric. It’s only drawback is it throws or pitches a new 12-inch softball for a distance of 25 feet. It’s meant for personal use. You do have to be mindful of keeping dirt from getting into the top of the PopToss. A few years ago, we added a dirt filter to upgrade the Vacuum PopToss.

Why create a new PopToss model?

We wanted to create a pitching machine based on the following ideas

  • We wanted to create an upgrade in the distance this Pin PopToss provides. It has two settings:
    • Setting one tosses or pitches the 12-inch softball 29 feet.
    • Setting two does 35 to 37 feet…. using a new softball on a hard, level surface.
  • We wanted to design a PopToss pitching machine that targets what we call “Buddy Ball”… meaning you and your buddy can have a great time hitting together. The Pin PopToss is loaded with your bat and activated with your baseball bat. It’s a two-person machine.
  • If you are a high school coach or a little league coach and you want your team to get great hitting practice without a batting tee or Jugs pitching machine, pair your hitters off together. One kid hits while the other kid activates the Pin PopToss.
  • If you are a parent and you want to spend quality time hitting some balls with your child, use our Pin PopToss! Your kid loads it and you activate it with a baseball bat. You will be spending quality doing something everyone loves… hitting a baseball or softball or softie ball.

Many of you Slow-Pitch Softball players desire hitting practice at times when your game pitcher is not available or he’s late arriving or he doesn’t like doing practice pitching because he can get hit by a batter and injured. The Pin PopToss is great for team practice.


We wanted to create a non-battery, non-electric pitching machine that was almost indestructible.

We wanted to make it real simple to get the two replacement parts that customers would ever need. if ever. Those two parts are the base the PopToss sits on and the long yellow cap, which may be needed if the machine is struck by a batted ball. These two parts would be really inexpensive and easy to replace for customers who need them.

We also wanted a PopToss that was NOT affected by dirt, cold, rain, or anything else. Yes, a pitching machine that would work perfectly for 15 to 20 years.

We wanted to design a pitching machine that was incredibly easy to use.

You just load it, as usual using your bat knob end. Secondly, to activate it, to pitch the ball 35 to 37 feet, you just push or pull the lever.

Adjust the two settings from one to the other by turning the gray ball striker either in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction to align with an arrow on the yellow cap.

We know this pitching machine will be loved as much as the Vacuum PopToss we’ve been selling since 1995.

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