Fast-Pitch Softball

You can set the Pop Toss off to the side of the strike zone and do conventional Soft-Toss Drills.

You can also place the Pop Toss in front of where home plate would be so you can simulate a pitch coming from the Pitcher’s Mound. Adjusting the height and spin of the popped ball allows you to increase your hand-eye coordination, bat speed and quick twitch muscles by giving less time to locate and track the ball while swinging.When first using the Pop Toss try it at it’s highest setting to give enough time to get used to it (reaction time is less than you may think). Then bring down the height of the popped ball to get your swing compact and tight.  Remember to always watch where the pitcher’s mound would be until the ball is popped, then locate it in the strike zone and swing, this helps your hand-eye coordination.