Hitting off of a tee is the only way to get young hitters to hit the ball and start to develop good mechanics in their swings. The Pop Toss Batting Tee can be a great transition tool for these young hitters making the jump from Tee-Ball to live pitching. Hitting off of the Pop Toss trains the batter to focus on the ball and track it until it makes contact with the bat. This is incredibly important because in Tee-Ball most kids close their eyes at the point of contact (even older kids do this a lot). One of the many drills you can do with the Pop Toss is called the “Closed Eye Drill”. Have the hitter load the machine, step back into their stance and close their eyes. Once they hear the pop of the machine they need to quickly open their eyes and start their swing. This trains them to keep their eye on the ball all the way through the strike zone. Just as it is a natural reaction to divert or close their eyes on the anticipation of contact, it is just as unnatural to open their eyes quickly and then close them before or during contact with the ball.